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Sand Yards
Кейс Sand Yards
Для открытия кейса необходимо
Содержимое кейса
rhombus 240 G M16 4 Years M16 4 Years
rhombus 224 G Sticker Sunset Gold Sticker Sunset Gold
rhombus 205 G CHARM Sale CHARM Sale
rhombus 200 G M40 Winter Track M40 Winter Track
rhombus 193 G UMP45 Winged StatTrack * UMP45 Winged
rhombus 191 G P350 Forest Spirit P350 Forest Spirit
rhombus 185 G Sticker Endurance Color Sticker Endurance Color
rhombus 150 G Sticker Fire Color Sticker Fire Color
rhombus 149 G Sticker Sandstone Sticker Sandstone
rhombus 139 G M4 Samurai M4 Samurai
rhombus 135 G MP5 Reactor MP5 Reactor
rhombus 130 G M4 Predator M4 Predator
rhombus 125 G USP Chameleon StatTrack * USP Chameleon
rhombus 123 G P90 Samurai P90 Samurai
rhombus 116 G M60 Grunge StatTrack * M60 Grunge
rhombus 111 G Sticker Sushi Color Sticker Sushi Color
rhombus 110 G Sticker Carpet Sticker Carpet
rhombus 105 G TEC-9 Fable StatTrack * TEC-9 Fable
rhombus 96 G AKR12 4 Years AKR12 4 Years
rhombus 85 G UMP45 Beast UMP45 Beast
rhombus 83 G UMP45 Cyberpunk UMP45 Cyberpunk
rhombus 75 G Sticker With Love Sticker With Love
rhombus 73 G F/S Venom F/S Venom
rhombus 33 G Sticker Strike Color Sticker Strike Color