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Кейс Rare
Для открытия кейса необходимо
Содержимое кейса
rhombus 17800 G G22 Relic G22 Relic
rhombus 16224 G FN FAL Leather FN FAL Leather
rhombus 1086 G Sticker Numb Santa Sticker Numb Santa
rhombus 1000 G Sticker Rush Sticker Rush
rhombus 989 G TEC-9 Reactor StatTrack * TEC-9 Reactor
rhombus 955 G Sticker Toxic Snowball Sticker Toxic Snowball
rhombus 930 G Sticker Zombie Sticker Zombie
rhombus 869 G Sticker Evil Pumpkin Sticker Evil Pumpkin
rhombus 844 G Sticker Dracula Sticker Dracula
rhombus 800 G Sticker BOOM Sticker BOOM
rhombus 778 G Sticker Bloody Clown Sticker Bloody Clown
rhombus 739 G Sticker Mummy Sticker Mummy
rhombus 630 G Sticker Ghosty Sticker Ghosty
rhombus 488 G Sticker Snow King Sticker Snow King
rhombus 365 G Sticker Christmas HE Sticker Christmas HE
rhombus 348 G USP 2 Years USP 2 Years
rhombus 296 G G22 White Carbon StatTrack * G22 White Carbon
rhombus 209 G MP5 Project Z9 StatTrack * MP5 Project Z9
rhombus 200 G Sticker Danger Zone Sticker Danger Zone
rhombus 193 G Sticker Gas Mask Sticker Gas Mask
rhombus 173 G AKR Carbon StatTrack * AKR Carbon
rhombus 168 G Sticker Radiation Sticker Radiation
rhombus 160 G AKR12 Pixel Camouflage StatTrack * AKR12 Pixel Camouflage
rhombus 148 G MP7 Winter Sport StatTrack * MP7 Winter Sport
rhombus 139 G AWM Polar Night StatTrack * AWM Polar Night
rhombus 135 G AWM Phoenix StatTrack * AWM Phoenix
rhombus 120 G SM1014 Pathfinder StatTrack * SM1014 Pathfinder
rhombus 116 G Desert Eagle Predator StatTrack * Desert Eagle Predator
rhombus 114 G FabM Reactor StatTrack * FabM Reactor
rhombus 110 G Sticker Hot Gun Color Sticker Hot Gun Color
rhombus 107 G Sticker Infernal Machine Color Sticker Infernal Machine Color
rhombus 100 G Furious Case Furious Case
rhombus 100 G Rival Case Rival Case
rhombus 100 G Origin Case Origin Case
rhombus 93 G SM1014 Arctic StatTrack * SM1014 Arctic
rhombus 92 G CHARM Horsemans Head CHARM Horsemans Head
rhombus 89 G CHARM Meteor CHARM Meteor
rhombus 87 G AWM Scratch StatTrack * AWM Scratch
rhombus 86 G AKR12 Flow StatTrack * AKR12 Flow
rhombus 84 G Sticker Bonsai Sticker Bonsai
rhombus 80 G AKR12 Transistor StatTrack * AKR12 Transistor
rhombus 77 G F/S Zone StatTrack * F/S Zone
rhombus 75 G M40 Arctic StatTrack * M40 Arctic
rhombus 70 G CHARM Friendly Specter CHARM Friendly Specter
rhombus 70 G Sticker Flake Sticker Flake
rhombus 69 G Sticker Demon Flame Sticker Demon Flame
rhombus 68 G AKR Nano StatTrack * AKR Nano
rhombus 68 G Sticker Winter Sport Sticker Winter Sport
rhombus 66 G Sticker Not Today Sticker Not Today
rhombus 66 G Sticker Shooter Sticker Shooter
rhombus 61 G CHARM Shuriken CHARM Shuriken
rhombus 61 G Desert Eagle Morgan Desert Eagle Morgan
rhombus 60 G AKR12 Armored StatTrack * AKR12 Armored
rhombus 59 G Sticker Candy Cane Sticker Candy Cane
rhombus 56 G MP7 Winter Sport MP7 Winter Sport
rhombus 55 G CHARM Brainless CHARM Brainless
rhombus 53 G Sticker 4 Years Sticker 4 Years
rhombus 52 G Sticker Pewnguin Sticker Pewnguin
rhombus 50 G P350 Autumn StatTrack * P350 Autumn
rhombus 50 G Sticker Sushi Sticker Sushi
rhombus 50 G Desert Eagle Red Dragon StatTrack * Desert Eagle Red Dragon
rhombus 49 G Sticker Ogre Sticker Ogre
rhombus 49 G G22 White Carbon G22 White Carbon
rhombus 44 G Sticker Kitsune Sticker Kitsune
rhombus 43 G CHARM Cutting Pliers CHARM Cutting Pliers
rhombus 43 G Sticker Winter Fun Sticker Winter Fun
rhombus 42 G CHARM Samurai CHARM Samurai
rhombus 42 G F/S Enforcer StatTrack * F/S Enforcer
rhombus 42 G M4A1 Kitsune StatTrack * M4A1 Kitsune
rhombus 40 G AWM Polar Night AWM Polar Night
rhombus 40 G MP5 Northern Fury StatTrack * MP5 Northern Fury
rhombus 40 G Sticker Emperors Guard Sticker Emperors Guard
rhombus 39 G Sticker Luck Sticker Luck
rhombus 37 G Sticker Ambush Sticker Ambush
rhombus 31 G UMP45 Geometric StatTrack * UMP45 Geometric
rhombus 31 G UMP45 Shark StatTrack * UMP45 Shark
rhombus 30 G Sticker Koi Sticker Koi
rhombus 30 G Sticker New Year 2022 Sticker New Year 2022
rhombus 30 G Sticker PRO Sticker PRO
rhombus 30 G SM1014 Arctic SM1014 Arctic
rhombus 30 G Sticker Headshot Zone Sticker Headshot Zone
rhombus 30 G Sticker V2 Sticker V2
rhombus 29 G Sticker Nice Skill Sticker Nice Skill
rhombus 28 G M4 Pro StatTrack * M4 Pro
rhombus 28 G MP5 Project Z9 MP5 Project Z9
rhombus 28 G Sticker Be Cool Sticker Be Cool
rhombus 26 G CHARM Kitsune CHARM Kitsune
rhombus 25 G M110 Transition StatTrack * M110 Transition
rhombus 25 G CHARM Grenade CHARM Grenade
rhombus 25 G CHARM Daruma CHARM Daruma
rhombus 24 G AKR12 Flow AKR12 Flow
rhombus 24 G FabM Flight StatTrack * FabM Flight
rhombus 23 G CHARM Imperial Coin CHARM Imperial Coin
rhombus 22 G AKR12 Pixel Camouflage AKR12 Pixel Camouflage
rhombus 22 G SM1014 Pathfinder SM1014 Pathfinder
rhombus 22 G CHARM Baby Penguin CHARM Baby Penguin
rhombus 22 G CHARM Gift Catcher CHARM Gift Catcher
rhombus 21 G CHIBI Dummy CHIBI Dummy
rhombus 21 G Sticker Lucky Star Sticker Lucky Star
rhombus 21 G CHARM Gingerbread CHARM Gingerbread
rhombus 21 G M40 Arctic M40 Arctic
rhombus 20 G Sticker Spare Gold Sticker Spare Gold
rhombus 20 G CHARM MR Bowler CHARM MR Bowler
rhombus 20 G Desert Eagle Predator Desert Eagle Predator
rhombus 19 G Famas Hull StatTrack * Famas Hull
rhombus 19 G Charm Haradashi Charm Haradashi
rhombus 18 G Charm "Count Paperakula" Charm "Count Paperakula"
rhombus 18 G Sticker Deagle Master Sticker Deagle Master
rhombus 18 G Sticker Jubilee 5 Sticker Jubilee 5
rhombus 18 G M110 Z-07 M.A.R.K.S.M.A.N StatTrack * M110 Z-07 M.A.R.K.S.M.A.N
rhombus 17 G G22 Carbon StatTrack * G22 Carbon
rhombus 17 G Charm Spirit Charm Spirit
rhombus 17 G M40 Beagle StatTrack * M40 Beagle
rhombus 16 G AWM Phoenix AWM Phoenix
rhombus 16 G SM1014 Wave StatTrack * SM1014 Wave
rhombus 15 G M110 Transition M110 Transition
rhombus 15 G MP5 4 Years MP5 4 Years
rhombus 14 G P350 Rally StatTrack * P350 Rally
rhombus 14 G Charm Mind Blowing Gift Charm Mind Blowing Gift
rhombus 13 G FabM Reactor FabM Reactor
rhombus 13 G P350 Autumn P350 Autumn
rhombus 13 G TEC-9 Reactor TEC-9 Reactor
rhombus 12 G P350 Oni StatTrack * P350 Oni
rhombus 11 G M4 Demon StatTrack * M4 Demon
rhombus 11 G AKR12 Transistor AKR12 Transistor
rhombus 11 G MP7 Banana StatTrack * MP7 Banana
rhombus 10 G AWM Scratch AWM Scratch
rhombus 10 G AKR Carbon AKR Carbon
rhombus 10 G MP5 Northern Fury MP5 Northern Fury
rhombus 10 G Rival Box Rival Box
rhombus 10 G Charm "Candy Cane" Charm "Candy Cane"
rhombus 10 G F/S Zone F/S Zone
rhombus 10 G Furious Box Furious Box
rhombus 10 G Origin Box Origin Box
rhombus 9 G AKR12 Armored AKR12 Armored
rhombus 9 G F/S Enforcer F/S Enforcer
rhombus 8 G M110 Z-07 M.A.R.K.S.M.A.N M110 Z-07 M.A.R.K.S.M.A.N
rhombus 8 G G22 Starfall StatTrack * G22 Starfall
rhombus 7 G Desert Eagle Ace StatTrack * Desert Eagle Ace
rhombus 6 G M110 Cyber StatTrack * M110 Cyber
rhombus 6 G Tec-9 Tropic StatTrack * Tec-9 Tropic
rhombus 6 G F/S Tactical StatTrack * F/S Tactical
rhombus 5 G UMP45 Geometric UMP45 Geometric
rhombus 5 G UMP45 4 Years UMP45 4 Years
rhombus 5 G Desert Eagle Red Dragon Desert Eagle Red Dragon
rhombus 5 G UMP45 Shark UMP45 Shark
rhombus 4 G M4 Pro M4 Pro
rhombus 4 G FabM Flight FabM Flight
rhombus 3 G AKR Nano AKR Nano
rhombus 3 G M40 Beagle M40 Beagle
rhombus 2 G P350 Rally P350 Rally
rhombus 2 G Famas Hull Famas Hull
rhombus 1 G M4A1 Kitsune M4A1 Kitsune
rhombus 1 G Desert Eagle Ace Desert Eagle Ace
rhombus 1 G G22 Starfall G22 Starfall
rhombus 1 G M4 Demon M4 Demon
rhombus 1 G F/S Tactical F/S Tactical
rhombus 1 G SM1014 Wave SM1014 Wave
rhombus 1 G MP7 Banana MP7 Banana
rhombus 1 G P350 Oni P350 Oni
rhombus 1 G Tec-9 Tropic Tec-9 Tropic
rhombus 1 G G22 Carbon G22 Carbon
rhombus 1 G M110 Cyber M110 Cyber
rhombus 1 G SPAS Griffin SPAS Griffin